Get Organised

Keep track of your customers, prospects, suppliers and contracts in one central place

All your data in ONE place

Your entire team can securely access your company’s data from any location keeping your business super efficient

Marketing Functions

Make your marketing efforts easy with a simple easy to use platform. Send email or letter campaigns

How It Works?

Get your business
Organised and Efficient

Use ProCube to get your business organised and running efficiently.

  • All your contacts in one place
  • All your documents and templates
  • Access your business from anywhere
  • Task Management and Mail Merging

All your contacts
In one central place

Your contacts are the heart and soul of your business, carefully track your customers, prospects, suppliers and competitors in one central place. Record any notes, documents, phone calls, tasks and many other things against anyone your deal with. So, when the phone rings you're fully prepared and engaged.

  • Keep track of your customers
  • Keep track of your prospects
  • Keep track of your suppliers
  • Keep track of your competitors

Keep your business data
Safe and Secure

With your data stored in on our secure platform you can sleep easy that your business and your data is safe and secure. We are fully cloud based do don't worry about purchasing any expensive servers

  • Hosted on Azure in London
  • Fail Over in Cardiff
  • Nightly System backups
  • Managed by a team of professionals

Become fantastic at
Customer Service

With a built-in customer service function you can become incredible at customer service. Your customer support email for example can be automatically imported into ProCube and a service ticket created.

  • Assign tickets to the right person
  • Track the status of service tickets
  • Attach service tickets to contacts
  • Monitor your performance


Create and assign tasks
for you and your team

Create tasks for you and your team, having your tasks in one central system allows you effectively manage your team and makes it clear to everyone what must be done and by when.

Tasks can be linked to Customers, Prospects/Leads, Suppliers, Contacts, Competitors and Service tickets keeping you organised and effective.

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Shared Diary
all in one place

With the diary feature, everybody can see what each and everybody is doing

You can create a diary entry for Meeting Rooms, Cars (for car-pooling), Holidays and a central office diary

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Store your files
and documents

With Company Documents and Personal Documents, you can store all your important files in the cloud for you and your team to access wherever they are

Each user has 1GB of storage, that is a lot of storage to store all your important documents.

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A few features of ProCube

Contact Management

Manage Customers, Suppliers, Prospects

Task Management

Manage Tasks and Assign them to members of your team

Record Telephone Calls

Record details of telephone calls including the duration of the call

Shared Diaries

Create and share your diary with others in your business

Customer Service

Create a great experience for your customers with the customer service features

File Storage

Store and Share your files with your team

Mail Merge Support

Generate letters and proposals with the mail merge function

Free UK Post Code Lookup

Use the UK Post Code lookup to ensure address data is accurate and complete

Download Our
Mobile App

Our Mobile App is coming July 2017 which will allow you to manage your business directly from your mobile phone or tablet computer!

ProCube is free for up-to 2 users

Sign up today for ProCube, the first two users are free and there is no need to enter a credit or debit card.

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